Wednesday, April 21, 2010

another week in the life

Hello all!

So, as a family, we have been trying to be more healthy, by both eating better and being more active. We have always been a dinner family, meaning that we sit down and eat together around the actual table as the norm, but I do have to admit that we often didn't have the best meals. I am not a great cook, and when sports and activites were crazy, we tended to fall to the frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and Mac n cheese. Jim is a better cook than I am, and since he has been home for over a year now (yay!) he has been cooking quite a bit... BUT he recently discoverd pan frying, and quite possibly this was not any better than some of the before mentioned entre's. Don't get me wrong, it's AWESOME, but a little unhealthy.
Over the last month we have made a conscious effort to cook better, and include more vegetables. This has not been a hit with all family memebers. OK, this has not been a hit with the boys, as the girls will eat pretty much anything. Patrick is by far the worst, I swear I am going to go to McD's and get some of their boxes... maybe if it comes in a fast food package, he will at least try it. Tonight we had a nice grilled chicked salad, and it went over fairly well. I have also made a pretty good asian stir fry with noddles, chicken and veggies... I will keep you posted on out progress, but I am also open to any recipes any of you might want to share...
We are also trying to be more active, and have joined a gym. We were members of a gym in Clarksville, but after Jim got home we kind of slacked at going. Mollie is my motivator, she wants to go tot he gym every day. I really like the Zumba class, I try to go every Monday and Fri, and Jim and I have also done a few spinning classes. Spinning is tough, but once it's over it;s great.
Last week we took all the kids and went to the track. I am going to TRY to run... yeah, it will be a long road, but I have been twice so far. Last time I did a mile total, I run as much of it as I can, and there was more running time 2 than time 1... My first milestone will be when I can run an entire lap without having to walk, and then I will shoot for one mile straight through. I am not expecting these milestones to come all that fast, but I will try to keep you all posted. Hoping to get the the track tomorrow morning with Mollie for day 3.
We had some family visit over the weekend, my cousin Kelly, her husband and their 3 kids, Josie, 7, and Sean and Sara, 4 year old twins. The kids had met each other once before at my brother's wedding, and that was a few years ago. It amazes me how kids just go with the flow... after 10 minutes, you would have thought that they were the best of friends who played together all the time. The visit was short, but very fun. We hope they will come visit again!
Speaking of cousins Kelly, my other cousin Kelly will be arriving tomorrow with her girls. My kids know Skyliegh very well, and are looking forward to having them here. They are taking a huge step and moving to the area. It will be so nice to have family living close by. As a military family, that is rare, and we are excited!!!
Mollie is still loving soccer, and it is wonderful to see her get so excited about something. I am hoping that the other kids find something too. They all do sports or activites, but I have not seen the passion that will make all the difference. I don't mean this to sound like they don't care, they just haven't found their "thing" . It may be football for Eric, but he is going to have to settle down some and really get into the game. He seems to be more serious about it when we have talked about the upcoming season, so we will see.

Well, I guess that is enough rambling for tonight!... until next time, be happy and healthy!!

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