Friday, April 16, 2010

well, I said I would be better, but

red sox game in DC

As you can see, she is much taller than the rest of the team
as you can clearly see I have yet to figure out this picture thing... these pics go with the second paragraph story of soccer star Mollie

Ok, so I said that I was going to actually DO this blog thing, but clearly, I have not. SOOOO what's new in the world of the Fager's?

We are adjusting well to Fort Lee, for the most part. Only Rori is asking when we can move back to Tennessee... I guess I really wasn't prepared for that, as we have never had much of an issue with moves before. BUT, I realize that this is her fist move that involved her changing schools, and also that all of our other moves have involved daddy coming home from deployment, so that has made them seem much more fun. I am sure in time she will learn to love VA, probably about the time that we are getting ready to PCS to somewhere else... oh the joys of army life.

Now, I want to brag a little on one of my monsters... really I could brag on all of them, but Mollie gets the spotlight this month. She was the only one interested in playing soccer, and man, can that girl play. She is by far the biggest kid on the team, although not the oldest. She is playing in a U5 league here at Lee, and her team name is the Blue Sharks. They had their first game on Saturday, which they won 5-0 (yes, we keep score... I get, but do not subscribe to the whole everyone- wins- score-doesn't-matter theory... peole win, people lose, learn to deal with it early) Mollie scored 2 of the 5 goals, tying for high scorer... I am sure she would have scored several more goals, but she spent about half the game playing Goalie, where she had several really good saves. She had really wanted to play goal, and although there is another little boy who is very good in goal (probably better than Mollie) the couch agreed to let her play for part of the game. After the game she informed the coach that she really didn't like goalie, it was boring. She wants to score... she wants to be a superstar :)

We had a great weekend in DC for Easter, not your typical Easter, I know. We did not go to church, and I have to say honestly, I do not enjoy church on Easter and Christmas... wrong of me, I know, but I find it's too crouded with the people that only go on those holidays... BUT, this is not the time or place for a religious discussion, so on with our weelend... I found out through a friend on facebook the the Red Sox were playing an exhibition game against the Washington Nationals, and after looking into it, found that we could get all 6 of us tickets for less than 2 at Fenway. After some thought we decided to make a weekend of it. It was the first MLB game for Eric, Rori and Mollie, and they all seemed to enjoy it. I was a little concerned that the girls would get bored, but they were great, and only started to show signs of disinterest in the 9th inning. The staduim was very nice, and it was neat to be a part of Red Sox Nation somewhere other than home. There were more Sox fans than Nationals fans, and I have to think that it must be very difficult to play in a place where no one is "from" and therefore there is not the die-hard fan following. Anyway, Sox won., and a great day was had by all.

On Sunday we walked the Mall, and checked out the monuments and the Air and Space Museum. The kids had a great time, despite the fact that we made them walk all day... man, kids today are getting lazy... and that will be a topic for other blogs, as Jim and I have made a commitment to eat healthier ( which involves me learning to cook) and be more active with the kids.

So that should get you up to date, and I promise to be a bit more diligent in my writing... I even have a few writing ideas floating around in that journalist brain of mine...

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